CHEMPS Working method

CHEMPS offers individual guidance to children and adolescents (up to 25 years old) in their own environment. After the initial contact through email or telephone we will make an appointment for a first meeting so we can get to know each other. This meeting will take place in your home, with you and your son/daughter. When necessary an additional meeting with (only) the parents will follow.

After obtaining all the required information I will put together a guidance plan before starting the guidance. You and your son/daughter will be involved in putting together this guidance plan. Issues we could put in this guidance plan could be for instance learning of social skills, increasing independence or obtaining a more positive self-image. Because the guidance will take place in the familiar environment, your son/daughter will probably be able to develop the necessary skills more easily. There is a possibility for family guidance as well, for instance when you are having problems in offering your son/daughter enough structure.

After obtaining a diagnose, you and your son/daughter can still have a lot of questions. CHEMPS can help you by answering all of your questions by giving psycho-education, which includes a clear explanation about the diagnose, what this looks like in your child and how to deal with this. Psycho-education can also help when your child still finds it difficult to accept the diagnose. CHEMPS offers various forms of psycho-education and I will see which form suits you and your son/daughter best.

Even when there is no (possible) diagnose, it can still be possible that your son/daughter could use some extra support, for instance in making or planning their homework. CHEMPS offers guidance with this as well.

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