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CHEMPS sees possibilities in every individual and tries to use their strengths in order to make their difficulties less visible. CHEMPS values the collaboration with parents and their son/daughter. When a child/adolescent is involved, it will be more highly motivated to work together and take those necessary steps. CHEMPS offers involvement and wants to make sure your son/daughter can develop itself optimally. The safety of their own environment will be beneficial in reaching this goal.

Maerle van Berkel – Master degree in Clinical Child, Family and Education studies.

After moving to Barcelona I noticed that it is quite difficult for expats in Barcelona to arrange Dutch or English speaking help for their child/adolescent. For this reason I started CHEMPS.
In the Netherlands I finished my master degree in Clinical Child, Family and Education studies at the University of Utrecht. During these studies I specialized in learning difficulties and I worked at a school for special education. After graduating I continued my professional career at the Dr. Leo Kannerhuis Brabant (a center for Autism Spectrum Disorders) and at Pro Juventus - Aventijn (a center for youth and adult psychiatry). Here I developed myself further in the field of developmental- and learning difficulties. In the past I have gained a lot of experience with children and adolescents with complex developmental questions, either diagnostically or treatment wise. As a group leader and family therapist I have learned to respond to these questions instantly. I see it as a challenge to work together with the client and the people around them to see how they can be helped in the best way possible. My serene nature and my high empathy skills have a pleasant effect on the children and adolescents I work with. I have a lot of patience and understanding and it gives me a lot of pleasure to help these individuals develop themselves further.

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